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Rookie Josh Jackson (17.4 PPG, wholesale jerseys China 9.2 RPG) had some rough edges but played hard and well enough to earn All-Tournament Second Team consideration. His jumper has a hitch, he goes to his flat mid-range floater too often and he was a little out of control at times. Still, Jackson’s furious athleticism led to some highlight plays around the basket and disruptive defense.

Working wholesale jerseys 2017 from the top of the floor is standard for Gasol, but his stepping back to the three-point line allows Memphis to fully explore its options with Parsons. Fizdale wasted no time in comparing his intended role for the 6’10 forward to LeBron Jamess utility with the Heata connection that was part of the free agent pitch to Parsons in the first place. I see Chandler as that kind of player, Fizdale said. Multi-skilled, can post mismatches, can run pick-and-roll, can set pick-and-rolls, can come off catch-and-shoots, defensively have great versatility.

Westbrook made his comments following the Thunders 115-111 loss to the Houston Rockets on April 19 at Toyota Center.

You can understand why Rivers wants?to keep this core together. He left himself little choice by not trading?Paul or Griffin at the deadline. Those two still represent his two best free-agent options this summer, and its more fun coaching a 50-win team than stepping?back. But thats blinding him from seeing this core?as?a team president should, realizing what Danny Ainge did back in Boston four years ago that they could no longer?contend, and it was time to cash whatever chips he had left.

The Spurs were the best defensive team in the NBA this season and the Warriors treated them like orange cones scattered on the practice court for mid-summer shooting drills. Granted, Kawhi Leonard missed the last three-and-a-half games, and the Cavaliers defensive effort often rises and falls with the stakes. But if San Antonio could contain this version of Dubs, its hard to imagine the Cavs will. Perhaps Cleveland can win shootouts. The Cavaliers are almost as prolific as the Warriors, with all those stretchy snipers spaced around LeBron James, and they will need to be as comfortable at Oracle Arena as they were at TD Garden. If the Cavs can somehow swipe Game 1, Kevin Durant will come under a kind of pressure hes never faced before. The only person who could relate is James, whose struggles in his first Finals with Miami snowballed so furiously that Dallas took the title. But Durant is operating with a much larger margin for error. He doesnt need to be sensational. Neither does Steph Curry mens softball jerseys wholesale nor Klay Thompson nor Draymond Green. If they simply play well, Golden State wins. The dynamic is different for James, just as it was in 11. He has to be superhuman.

Luc Richard Mbah a Moute got the assignment in Game 4, but only because Hayward was puking somewhere. He can’t defend both Johnson and Hayward. Paul Pierce can’t defend anyone; the Jazz ran him ragged through pick-and-rolls until Doc Rivers benched Pierce in the second half. Wesley Johnson is not good.

The Crossover’s NBA scribes have been on the ground for the entire time. So as the rookies and young prospects hit the home stretch, we asked our writers who they think

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have been the most intriguing players to watch.

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Blossomgames advanced age, injury history and unconvincing Derrick Williams cheap jersey three-point shooting ability make it tough to peg where Rudy Gobert elite jersey he falls in the draft. The Spurs could be a fit given his defensive versatility and potential to chip in right away.

Jackson’s first serious order of business in wholesale nba jersey New York, outside of signing ex-Los Angeles Lakers Shannon Brown and Lamar Odom to 10-day contracts at the end of the 2013-14 season, was to replace Mike Woodson on the bench with Fisher, who had played his final?game?all of 10 days earlier.