The legality of making Cheap NBL Jerseys in China

Jordan Hunter is one hot NBL star. The Sydney Kings Centre recently uploaded an instagram video of him doing his daily workout routine in his Sydney Kings Jersey and boy he looks great. He says the fabric allows his skin to breathe correctly when he is training. NBL management are outraged as those jerseys cost a of money. The NBL president has suggested they outsouce the manufacturing of the NBL jerseys to china to cut down on manufactuting costs. This is far from the end this issue however, as it turns out there is a cause in the NBL by laws that states that all the Jersey’s must be Australian made.

It seems the clubs and the league are now at an impass. it has been suggested that the league is now in talks with a top Sydney lawyer to help them work out the legality of making the NBL jersey’s in China.

Let’s hope this gets resolved soon. Jordan hunter and several other NBL league players are threatening strike action. Due to the cancelation of games, cleaning and all the extra expense imposed on all the NBL teams this season due the Coronavirus – many teams are now teetering on the edge of finanincal ruin already. Now with the impending strike – it is feared that many teams will not survive. Such a shame for a great Australian game.

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